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 Montefiore Orthodox Synagogue

460 Westford Street
Lowell, MA 01851
(978) 459-9400

B”H Shalom! Montefiore Synagogue (previously known as Montefiore Society Synagogue ), the oldest synagogue in Lowell, Massachusetts was established in 1896. It relocated to Westford Street in 1971, after merging with Anshe Sfard Synagogue in 1969.

Lowell,  is a great place for Orthodox Jews! We have a small close-knit Jewish community dedicated to preserving and enhancing Jewish life in the Merrimack Valley region. Lowell, Massachusetts is located off the junction of Routes 3 and 495, and is conveniently located in the high-tech region of Boston Routes 128/95 and 93. Boston is just a 45-minute drive from us and New Hampshire is just 10 minutes north of us. Lowell is home to a minor league baseball team, the Spinners , and hockey team, the Lock Monsters. Lowell has quite a number of cultural and theatrical venues, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, the Tsongas Arena, and the Merrimack Repertory Theatre to name a few.

New Slate of Officers at Montefiore 5777

  • Colleen Mitchneck and Harriet Kahn, Co-Presidents
  • Adam Mitchneck, First Vice-President, House, Gabbi Rishon
  • James Mitchneck,  Chevra Kadisha Chairman,  Second Vice-President, House Committee Chairman
  • Dana Fine, Recording Secretary
  • Kate Egri, Treasurer
  • Mark Rosengard, Financial Secretary, Cemetery Commitee Chairman

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